Development experiences:

I use PHP – MySQL and Laravel framework for back-end side, and for front-end side HTML/CSS,Javascript – jQuery framework for years.

Business side:
In last 2 years I was usually focus on bussiness side like team manangement, and start-up projects.

SEO and Ads:
I like search engine optimization and ads’ management, making something to visible. It is one of my technology hobby. I have a local reference for SEO works, can share with you as private.

Cybersecurity side:
I am a cyber security enthusiast who who love, live and try to keep the hacking culture alive. I’m usually on web application security side as a hobbier. In addition to these, I and a few of my friend had created a natinal and international cybersecurity magazine which name is Arka Kapı and Arka Kapı MAG as volunteer for 4 years.

Blockchain side:
Nowodays, I am focus on Blockchain technologies. In Feb. 2022, I and 3 another team members had developed an IDO platform. I managed this project’s team and interested in Web3 integration side. (This is a private project, so I can not share its address here.)

Startup experiences:
I was a co-founder of newsapost (new media project). For this project we got a micro investment from a holding. When the pandemic was started the main investment was cancelled by invester. Then, we could not find any other investments and so we cancelled this project.

When I have free time, I focus on personal growth for techinal, social and bussiness side,
for this I do research and experiment.

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