SSL Pinning Bypass for Android Apps on Windows with Frida

after a long time hi again everyone!

recently, one of my friend has needed to test an Android application as detailed (checking its API requests). and asked me this need’s solution. then I did a test for SSL pinning bypass for an Android application on Windows with Frida. now I will explain all steps here for you.

just a short summary for SSL Pinning:

If the mobile application does not have SSL pinning, the attackers can read the HTTP packets going back and forth between the application and the server over the network with a proxy easly. For this stiation, the SSL pinning method is used, as a precaution. and as with everything, there are some solutions to bypass. we use Frida for SSL pinning bypass in this article. now let’s start!

requirements first:

  • Fiddler (Classic or Everywhere),
  • Python,
  • Frida,
  • Genymotion / Emulator or any other,
  • ADB  – Android Debug Bridge (if you prefer Genymotion, it already has adb tool.)


  • Install the emulator, and setup an Android
    (I used Genymotion and Android 7 – Google Nexus)

  • Install Frida look here for details,
  • Install Fiddler Classic and Python if you don’t have them,

    // Not that Fiddler’s default port is 8888. Set a port number and use it on everwhere.
    // General settings for Fiddler SSL tab.



And the main details:

  1. Go to your emulator folder which has adb.exe and open terminal for this folder,
  2. run:
    # .\adb.exe devices (to see your device)
  3. and run the below code to get your Android device core type info
    # .\adb.exe shell getprop ro.product.cpu.abi
    the output should like this: x86:
  4. and let’s install the objection
    # pip3 install objection// Objection is a runtime mobile exploration toolkit. developed by frida.


  • Go to Frida releases and download your frida-server which is okay with your Android version from here:
    i.e: frida-server-15-1.22-android-x86 is mine.
  • Unzip and copy your frida-server to adb.exe folder, in this folder, run these:
  • # .\adb.exe root
  • # .\adb.exe push frida-server-15.1.23-android-x86 /data/local/tmp/
  • # .\adb.exe shell “chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/frida-server-15.1.23-android-x86”



and the big moment:

  • run this to list all apps of your devices
    # frida-ps -U

time to bigbang!

  • # objection –gadget “Paparazzi Apps” explore
  • # android sslpinning disable

and now retest to SSL Pinning and to get success result:


and done! =)

Even though the mobile application SSL Pinning, we can catch requests now.


Thanks a lot to Ms. Aysenur Burak for retesting this article.



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